Final Post

Hey everyone, I imagine most of you are done with your blogs, but I decided to do one final post. I’m actually feeling pretty nostalgic toward leaving all this behind – it seems like as soon as you really start to enjoy something you have to leave it.  That being said, I’m going to list off some miscellaneous tips in no particular order – that’s not true, it’s the random order my brain thinks of them, lol.

I know I said this before, but budget, Budget, BUDGET!  When you get a new place you have all these fantasies of how you want it to look, but unless you bought a house, most of that will go out the window.

You’re not allowed to paint your walls, so they’re all going to be white.  But using pictures and tapestries (I have a huge dragon one that uses basic colors to tie the living room together) will help take the edge off things.

Another important thing I’ve noticed:  occasionally you get to stay in the same place for awhile – actually my townhouse in Mac is the place I’ve stayed in the longest.  But usually you have to move out for some reason.  Don’t be ashamed of that, it happens to the best of us.

I had to move out from my dorm because I hated it, lol. Then I had to move out of my first apartment because the complex was remodeling.  Then I had to move out of my first townhouse because my roommate committed arson and fled the state and I couldn’t afford to live there alone.  Then I had to move out of my second apartment because I transferred schools.  Finally, I’m packing up to move out of my second townhouse because I’m graduating. Whew!

Moving tips:

1. Give things away, not only does it make you feel good but its a lot easier to assess the actual value something has to you when you’ve been packing for seven hours.

2. Get boxes from your work.  Chances are good that your work has unused boxes they will be willing to give you – much cheaper than buying them.  If not, talk to your friends to see if their work can help you out.

3. Things will get broken.  Inevitably something gets broken every time I move, and I’m a careful packer.  If you have something you really don’t want to get broken, pack it carefully and make a special trip to your new place.  when you’re there do not just set it down! (Broke a crystal orchid that way once) Find a closet shelf or a cupboard and put it box and all in there.

4. Invite friends over to help you pack.  When packing an entire residence, you can get easily overwhelmed, so buy pizza and beer, pick some not-too-fragile areas (like the entire entertainment center, or pots and pans) and assign a friend to pack it.  It’s not great work, but if you turn on some music and take occasional breaks to socialize it’s not too bad.  Plus, if you give things away (above) they’re likely to come back.  My friends love to help me move :).

5. U-Haul is not cheap.  Plus, they lied and tried to screw us out of a lot of money.  So I would suggest asking around, friends, parents, relatives, to see if anyone has a large trailer, or truck they can help you with.  If so, offer to fill their tank before and after, so they get something out of it too.

6.  This should really be number one, but the last one brought it to mind.  Save up a lot of money for moving.  I started saving a year and half in advance to move down to Mac.  We saved $2,600 and it still cost us all that and more on credit cards.  You end up paying a lot when you move – first month’s rent, deposit, fees, moving expenses (mostly gas).  You also have to pay for rent in two places usually, because you’re moving out of one and into the other all at once.

7. Sometimes things aren’t worth moving.  Ever moved a washer and dryer? I have ONCE, and this time I’m just going to sell them and buy a different set when I get there. Ugh.

8.  Selling stuff: Don’t overestimate how much your crappy lawn chair is worth.  If you do, you’re likely to end up throwing it in the dumpster for free because no one wanted to pay $40 for it.  However, look critically at the item you are selling and ask yourself how much you would really pay for it.  Do not take checks, cash only.

9. Buying things, new to you.  Used stuff is SO MUCH CHEAPER.  That being said, don’t be afraid to haggle.  It’s still hard for me to do because Americans never haggle, but it’s worth it.  And sometimes you can offer something more attractive than just money.

My best example is when I was buying our washer and dryer set.  Most of the sets were more than $300, or at least the ones I was willing to buy.  Luckily we found a guy selling an unmatching set for $275 (It doesn’t matter if they match, most of them are white anyway so you can’t tell.)  Anyway, I called him and told him we could only spend $200 on a set, he tried to reason with me, but I offered this too: “We have cash and a truck, we can be there in an hour and the money can be in your hand.”  Instant sale is quite attractive and he agreed to it.

10.  Make it a home.  When you move a lot it can be hard to make your dwelling your sanctuary, but it needs to be.  One thing I do, is always set up the same art.  I have a lot of tapestries/pictures/paintings/drawings that are assigned to each room (bedroom/bathroom/living room) that I put up as soon as I move.  (There are some pics below of some of my decorations) So even though the architecture is different, when I come in the door I still see my home.  Smells also help, bake a loaf of bread.  If you’re a terrible baker you don’t have to eat it, but the smell will make you feel good. 🙂

My dragon tapestry

My table, I waited until it went from $359 on sale to $149. Yay!

A bookshelf is an easy way to display pics without making holes in walls that you’ll have to pay for later

I can’t always afford to buy fresh flowers, so I borrowed these from prunings that were being thrown out by a neighbor.

I try to tie things together, lol.

We have a metal door, so I used magnet clips to hang this tapestry on it.

Ok this is turning into a novel so I’m going to cut if off here.  Below are some links I thought would help you guys out. Enjoy.

Your First Place

Real Estate Terms


Moving (This is a good one)


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